Intrasonic IREMOTE Handheld Remote Control

Intrasonic IREMOTE Handheld Remote Control

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The IREMOTE is a hand-held remote control that is compatible with the I1000, I2000, and RETRO intercom systems. This remote control adds wireless control to the features of your intercom system. It's compact size fits right in the palm of your hand. 

Features with the IRemote include:  

  • All Call - Ability to initiate calls from the master, room or patio stations.
  • Selective Call - By pointing the remote at the master, room or patio and pressing the number of the station you want to contact you can contact a particular station without disrupting the others. (Remote only works at the master station on the RETRO system)
  • Door Talk - Activate the Door talk and listen when the doorbell is pressed. 
  • All Listen - Listen to all locations.
  • Monitor - Ability to select a room station to monitor. Great for monitoring the nursery!
  • Privacy - Ensure privacy at a select room by using this feature.
  • Radio Presets - Ability to change preset radio stations with your remote.
  • Music Volume UP/Down - Change the music volume at the master, room or patio station
  • Intercom Volume - Change the intercom volume at the master, room or patio.
  • Source - Select the music source - AM, FM, Line in or Local
  • Mute - Ability to mute the sound
  • Unlock the Door - If you have installed the optional door release, you can use your remote to unlock the door from the master or any inside room station.

The IREMOTE control is a terrific device that will compliment your music/intercom system.  It can be carried from room to room or use it to aide persons that are unable to reach a room station to initiate a call (this feature can only be used for I2000 system).  The possibilities are well worth the cost!