Is your intercom no longer working like it used to? Send it in to be evaluated and repaired. Typical repairs take 4-6 weeks to complete and include a FREE 6-Month Performance Warranty!!! 

If interested please package the unit carefully and mail it to:
Steve's Intercom Shop
14 Raleigh Ct  
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

Print and include a REPAIR SLIP.

Any package sent in without a repair slip will be left untouched.

We do NOT require any payment upfront. Simply mail us your unit and we will contact you after the repair is completed to collect payment and ship the unit back (see below repair estimates).

In the rare case your unit is deemed non repairable or if no issues are found there is a $125 diagnostic fee only. This diagnostic fee can be applied to the purchase of a new or refurbished master station.

Please make sure to package the units safely when mailing them in. We can repair electronics but we can not repair broken plastic faceplates.

Optional AUX jack. This will allow you to play music from your phone throughout the intercom system. Additional $50 for the jack but we can install at time of repair. Complete repair instructions can be found HERE.



Repair Estimate:


NuTone IMA-4406 and IM-4406 - $475
(please note we can no longer repair the CD players on the "IM" models)

NuTone IMA-3303 and IM-3303 - $445

(new white faceplates are available +$235 includes parts and labor)


NuTone IMA-4006 and IM-4006 - $425

(Please note if your cassette belts are melted onto the gears we will not be able to repair the cassette mechanism)


NuTone IM-3003 - $395



Nutone IM-5000 and IM-5006 - $475

AudioTech 400 & 500 Series - $395


Nutone IM-3204, IM-2003, IM-303, IM-203 - $325

Nutone 478 Apartment Amplifer - $275

Nutone IMA-516 and IM-516 - $275



We can rebuild room stations but in most cases its more cost effective to replace them. 



Please contact us if you have any questions