Aiphone CCS-1A Single Door Answering Intercom System Chime Com

Aiphone CCS-1A Single Door Answering Intercom System Chime Com

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  • Convenient box set with master station and door station
  • 2-wire system can reuse existing door bell wire
  • Door button illuminated for night time use
  • Voice and chime tone volume controls

Power Source

12~16V AC – use PT-1210NA
12~24V DC, 160mA – use PS-1225UL


Push-to-talk (simplex)

Wire Type

Door Station or Sub Station to Master Station: 245'(22AWG), 490'(18AWG)

The Aiphone CCS-1A ChimeCom 2 single-door answering system maintains security by enabling audio communication with a visitor without opening the door. The door intercom can be connected to preexisting doorbell wiring for simple installation. The door intercom has a call button that is backlit for visibility and activates a muted chime on the door intercom itself as well as a two-tone chime on the white plastic master intercom to alert the master intercom operator. The master intercom has a push-to-talk button that receives audio from the door intercom once released. The audio transmission times out after 15 seconds. At any time, the push-to-talk button can be pressed to listen through the door intercom. Both the chime and the audio volume have adjustable sound levels. Housing is white plastic for the master intercom and gray plastic for the door intercom. A second master intercom (sold separately) can be added for large areas or multiple rooms.