Akuvox A03S Smart Access Control Terminal, RFID And Mobile Access Via NFC, Bluetooth

Akuvox A03S Smart Access Control Terminal, RFID And Mobile Access Via NFC, Bluetooth

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  • Access Control Terminal
  • RFID Card, Bluetooth, NFC
  • Access with Mobile Device via NFC
  • IP65 Weather Resistant

Akuvox A03S Smart Access Control Terminal, RFID and Mobile access via NFC, Bluetooth

The Akuvox A03S is a Smart, Compact, and Stylish Access Control Terminal.

A03S is an IP-based access control terminal that combines door controller and card reader in one device. It supports RFID cards and mobile access via NFC (Near-Field Communication), which allows users flexibility in credential options. You can also enjoy the Wave to Access Bluetooth support. In addition, the A01 supports up to 20,000 Cards and 100,000 Event Logs.

The A03S is Two Devices in One:

The A03S is a Card Reader as well as a Door Controller, which saves you money as a building operator. When a credential is read and access is granted or denied, the unit also triggers the door lock to take appropriate action.

Akuvox A03S Flexible Credential Options:

The A03S offers three credential options to suit user preferences and habits. The mobile access via NFC lets users go cardless and touchless which is more convenient and safer. With mobile device access you do not need to keep track of a card. You can also use the Bluetooth acces from your phone. In addition, the unit functions as a card reader.

Designed for Easy Deployment

The unit requires less wiring and installation effort thanks to its PoE Support and a Weigand Interface. It can be easily configured and maintained via a Web Viewer Interface.

SmartPlus App

The SmartPlus App is a mobile intercom app that works with Akuvox’s cloud intercom service and smart intercom products. It allows residents to see and talk to visitors, open doors, monitor building entrances, and issue virtual keys from their smartphones.

Fit for Outdoor Environments

The IP65 Rating and wide temperature range from -20C to 55C (-4F to 131F) protect the unit from rain, snow, heat and dust and dirt.