Valet Intercom V3SW Mini Room Station

Valet Intercom V3SW Mini Room Station

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The Valet V3SW serves as an individual Master Station. The VPS3DC Transformer and the VSPC Transformer Cord are required for every eight stations (see related items).

Valet’s innovative, multi-functional thinking gives home communication an extra dimension. System One by Valet not only provides communication, but it can extend your stereo system, operate air-conditioning, pool filters, and garage & lighting operations. It can even enable you to make those important far-reaching family announcements,
such as “Dinner’s Ready”.

Small, sleek design. Approx. 6.75” x 5”

• Room to Room Communication–allows you to talk with people in other rooms of the home.
• Hands-Free Reply–When being spoken to from another room, you can answer without interrupting
what you were doing. You can respond “hands-free”.
• Door Answering Capabilities with 9 Built-In Door Chimes–Allows you to answer the door from any room of the house that has a room station. Person at the door can respond “hands-free”.
• Group Page/All-Call–Allows you to communicate with all room stations at one time.
• Private Call Function–Lets you talk privately to just one room station.
• Monitoring Function–Listen in on children playing or sleeping babies without them hearing you.
• Audio Input Jacks–Allows you to add & control audio output of an AM/FM radio, CD player, tape player, or MP3
• Backlit Keypad–Makes it possible for you to operate the intercom even if the lights are off.
• Auto Programming–Once initial programming has been done, the room stations will reset themselves in the event of a power failure or electricity outage.
• Optional Auxiliary Board–With this optional feature, you can add home automation. Optional features include
operating lights, air conditioning, gate/door release, garage doors, or numerous other devices, all with the touch of a button from any room station.

With a System One Intercom, you can communicate with family members in another room of your home or even on a different
floor. With the touch of a button and hands-free reply, it’s easy. A system of LED lights lets you know when it’s your turn to
communicate, then automatically resets after an intercom call.

Door Answering
The System One Intercom also allows you to answer the door from any room station with convenience and security of not opening the door to a stranger. Along with the door station and it’s nine built-in door chimes, you can hear the doorbell from any room with a room station and answer it. These stations offer private calling to the door or gate station.

The monitor feature of the System One Intercom allows you to listen in on sleeping babies, check on children playing in their rooms. With a separate
microphone at each room station, it can detect a whisper from across the room. The monitor feature is also equipped with an indicator
light, which will alert you when in monitor position. A privacy switch with indicator light will prevent unwanted monitoring without interference to other system functions or music at the station. A monitor override allows you to talk to a child or person being monitored and they can reply hands-free.

By using the audio input jacks, your System One Intercom can be transformed into a music/ intercom system. This feature allows you to add and control audio output of a CD player, AM/FM radio, tape player, or MP3 player. This function allows you to listen to music throughout your home or provide background music in any room with a room station.

Home Automation
Another addition to the System One Intercom is the use of an optional auxiliary board. This board can be programmed to provide home automation. It can make life around the house a little easier. By simply adding this optional auxiliary
board, you will be able choose to operate lights, air conditioning, gate/door release, garage doors, or numerous other devices from any room station of the home.

Innovative, Easy to Install, & Affordable
Our System One Intercom combines technology with simplicity, creating an advanced intercom system that’s
easy to use. With System One each Room Station acts as a master station allowing full control over all intercom
functions. System One gives you communication along with home automation capabilities.
Our qualified technicians can install a custom-designed System One intercom system to suit your individual
requirements in just a few hours — with minimal wiring.  Or if you prefer, there are DIY kits as well. Either way,
communication has never been easier.